Love Rocks! tells the story of Nigel and Bea Gilchrist, players in the early London rock ‘n roll scene, as they strive to keep their love going strong during the turbulent 1960’s.   Will new business opportunities in San Francisco derail their marriage once and for all, or will love eternal prevail? A jolly good cast of family and friends join them on their spiritual journey!

Love Rocks! features brand new, stunning love songs and duets, as well as period rock songs actually composed in the 1960’s.  And a witty script filled with heartfelt emotion, soul and repartee.

Love Rocks! was written by the team of David Freilich and Nigel Gilchrist with support from Heidi Freilich and Karen Gilchrist.

The script and music are available for review and licensing. So if you are a playhouse, community theater, university or another venue and wish to produce the musical, please tell us more about your venue, timing and so forth.